Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

God has called our church to a specific, all-encompassing mission—to glorify God as we seek to make disciples of all nations. Missions is not an optional appendage that can be added or removed from our church with little consequence. Missions is the beating heart of who we are and what we are called to do.

Yet, even a beating heart beats for a greater purpose. Just as a heart beats so that life will be lived, missions exists so that God will be glorified. Worship is the glorious end for which we strive to make disciples of all nations. Since God is worthy of all worship and our highest joy is wrapped up in Him, we delight to call all people to worship God through the Cross of Jesus Christ.

We seek to fulfill this all-encompassing purpose by making disciples both locally and globally. From the manicured lawns of Burtonsville to war torn villages in Liberia, we take the life-giving message of Jesus to eternal souls hopeless without Him.

Active Missions Support


We believe that God has sovereignly placed us where we live to fulfill the Great Commission in our local communities. Our desire is to see all of our life as opportunities for evangelism and discipleship. Corporately this requires our leadership to relentlessly teach the Word so that our members “may be complete, equipped for every good work” (2 Timothy 3:17).

As individual Christians this requires us to see life as mission. Our membership, living for God’s glory in their daily lives, is our greatest outreach strategy. It seems simple, but an entire church overwhelmed by the gospel will take the message of the gospel to every person they meet.
We encourage our members to take part in gospel-centered ministries within our community,  in order to share the gospel with people desperately in need of it, whom we would not normally meet.


The Great Commission is global in its goal. Christ has called us to make disciples of all people groups on the earth. As a church, we are amazed that an All-powerful God would use us to accomplish His grand purpose. Yet, as we look to the world we are humbled by the enormity of the unfinished task. Our great hope is to see the unreached peoples of the world reached by the life-giving message of Christ.

Liberia, West Africa

We've partnered with several churches throughout Liberia to train pastors and come alongside our brothers and sisters in Christ. Liberia is a country in West Africa that has been devastated by war. As a result, most pastors have had no theological training. Additionally, we have a long-term partnership with a Christian school ministering among an unreached people group.


We have partnered with a church planter in Nepal to assist him in establishing Christian schools and local churches throughout the country. 

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