BBC Worship Service Live

May 15, 2022    Pastor Bryan Arnett

Join us in-person or online for our Sunday morning worship experience live from the worship center at Burtonsville Baptist Church.

Ecclesiastes 3-4: God Is In Control
Main Point: Because there is a time for everything, we can trust God in everything
1. God's Plan for Time (3:1-15)
A. There Is a Time for Everything (3:1-8)
B. God Is In Control of Everything (3:9-15)
2. Our Challenges with Time (3:16-4:16)
A. The Challenge of Injustice (3:16-22)
B. The Challenge of Oppression (4:1-3)
C. The Challenge of Envy in Work (4:4-6)
D. The Challenge of Isolation (4:7-12)
E. The Challenge of Fleeting Recognition (4:13-16)