Peace and Blessings

Oct 1, 2023    Pastor Bryan Arnett

Sermon Notes - Genesis 21:22-34 - Peace and Blessings

Main Point: God's blessings enable us to be agents of peace in the world, as we live by faith.

1. Peace and Blessings (22-24)

  A. Abimelech's request is based on God's blessings.

  B. Abimelech's request is needed because of Abraham's checkered past.

  C. Abimelech's request is marked by lovingkindness.

2. Peace and Truth (25-30)

3. Peace and Worship (31-34)

  A. Abraham worships God because God started this peace.

  B. Abraham worships God because he expects God to uphold this peace for generations to come.

  C. Abraham worships God because God has proven himself faithful to his promises.