Burtonsville Baptist Church

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Easter Musical, Road to Calvary - Sun, Mar 25th 6pm

Posted February 24, 2018

Join our adult choir for “Road to Calvary,” where we’ll walk down the path leading to Calvary’s road. Together we follow His footsteps as Jesus traveled from Nazareth, across the hills of Galilee, traversing the Mount of Olives, and walking a lifetime of steps toward Gethsemane. There He prayed all alone in the garden, agonizing over the terrible pain and suffering He knew He would soon endure. Carrying the weight of our sins up Calvary's hill, He gave His life’s blood for the redemption of every man, woman and child; there He established this unimaginably beautiful truth for all people, for all time...Calvary covers it all.

All are welcome, there is no cost, and childcare is provided!