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Jonathan Leeman - Wanna-Be Yahwehs

Jonathan Leeman joins us again from Capitol Hill Baptist Church, leading us through Psalm 72. Jonathan paints a picture of the many "wanna-be Yahweh's" vying for power in our world, including one very close and personal, and the wonderful reign of the true Heir to the throne of this world and our... Read More

The Hope of the Gospel - A Sermon Series on Romans 5-8

The Hope of the Gospel - A Sermon Series on Romans 5-8

Pastor Justin continues our sermon series exploring the Book of Romans, resuming our study in chapters five through eight. This section of Romans reaches its crescendo in Romans 8:31-39 -- because of Christ God is bound to us with such intensity that nothing, not even the most formidable of foes,... Read More

Mathew Freeman - Capital Hill Baptist Church

Mathew joins us this morning from Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, D.C., a church that has been an enormous blessing to our fellowship throughout the recent years. Read More

Jeff Robar - Knowing Peace and Joy

Jeff Robar, currently serving as one of our deacons at BBC, shares from God's Word with us this morning. Today Jeff points us to the supernatural peace and joy given to us through our Savior in our past, present, and future. Read More

Always Reforming - Church Government

Always Reforming - Church Government

semper reformanda - "Always reforming" is a slogan of the Reformation and a call for the church to always be examining itself—its doctrine, its structure—in light of what God has revealed in His Word. During this short study we will explore the biblical evidence for a plurality of elders in church... Read More

Joseph Johnson - The Cost of Following Jesus

Joseph Johnson pastors Restoration Baptist Ministries in Liberia, West Africa; where we partner together to strengthen churches to bring the gospel to people throughout Liberia. This morning he shares with us three costs of following Jesus from Luke 9:57-62.   Read More

Malachi - A Sermon Series

Malachi - A Sermon Series

"But for you who fear my name, the sun of righteousness shall rise with healing in its wings. You shall go out leaping like calves from the stall." Malachi 4:2 ESV Read More

Easter Sunday - Glorious Day, Indeed!

Pastor Justin highlights three truths from Romans 4:24-25 that demonstrate why today is in fact a glorious day, indeed! Read More

Joseph Johnson - The Great Commission: Going Is Risky

Pastor Johnson leads Restoration Baptist Ministries in Liberia, West-Africa, where he ministers to a people torn by a long civil war and the struggles of a broken homeland. We've partnered with RBM to bring the gospel of peace and the word of God to the Liberian people and to train their church le... Read More

The Cross of Discipleship - Sacrificial Forgiveness

Pastor Justin shares Jesus' startling command to forgive our brother unconditionally, and the gospel's sole ability to make that a possibility. Read More